Dibrugarh Hanumanbux Surajmal Kanoi Commerce College
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - enabled facilities

With the recent technological advancements, the higher education has undergone intense transformation.  It is only through education and the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education that one can teach students to be participants in the growth process in the 21st century.
In view of this, our college has also initiated the usage of ICT by upgrading multimedia facilities like audio-visual equipment, projectors (overhead and short through), smartboard, etc. for effective teaching - learning process. The departments of the college are equipped with laptops and desktop computers with internet connectivity. For proper understanding of the subject topics, teachers are encouraged to use the ICT facilities on regular basis. Students are also encouraged by the faculty members to present their seminar topics and other presentations by using projectors.
At present five classrooms are assembled with overhead projectors and wi-fi facilities of which one classroom is assembled with smartboard facility. The College has a well equipped language laboratory for enhancing proficiency in English of the students and they can develop their spoken & pronunciation skills through it.
The use of ICT offers powerful learning environments and can transform the learning and teaching process by making it more interesting and dynamic in nature. The innovative use of ICT is believed to significantly strengthen and addresses the three fundamental challenges of access, equity and quality in higher education system.
Students preparing for seminar by PowerPoint presentation
Teaching with visual Aids
Students in Language Lab
Demonstration on the Use of Smart Board
(The first full-fledged Commerce College in the North Eastern Region of India)
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