Chairman: Dr. Khanindra Misra Bhagawati (Principal)

Contact:   9435908628


Co-ordinator: Dr. Tanka Prasad Upadhyaya
Contact:          9435391205

Representatives  from 
College Governing Body:   Mr. Pulin Rajbongshi  (Vice- Principal)
                                                Dr. Bhupesh Bhagawati 

Alumni /University Representative:    Dr. Chimun Kumar Nath
Associate Professor, Dibrugarh University

Guardian/ University Representative:     Dr. Kumud  Chandra Goswami
Professor, Dibrugarh University

Representatives from  Teaching Staff:  Mr. Prasanta Das
Dr. Jecob  Konwar  (Assistant  Co-ordinator)
Ms. Anita  Baruwa,
Mr. Nabajyoti Dutta,
Dr. Joydev  Gogoi
Dr.(Ms.)  Ipsita Bhattacharyya
Dr. Mintu Kr. Das

Student Representative:   Mr. Dipankar Chetia

Anti Ragging Committee.
Dr. Jecob Konwar, -Chairman
Dr. Bhupesh Bhagawati -Member
Dr. Chitra Roy -Member
Dr. Tulika Mattack -Member
Dr. Ipshita Bhattacharyya -Member
Union Secretary (students Union) -Member
Disciplinary Committee.
Prof. Prasanta Das -Chairman
Dr. D.M. Rajkhowa -Member
Prof. Sailen Gogoi
Prof. Bani Kachari -Member
Prof. Luku Morang -Member
Grievance Redressal Cell
Prof. Sailen Gogoi -Chairman
Dr. Tanka Prasad Upadhyaya -Member
Prof. Anita Baruwa -Member
Smt. P. Chutia (from Office) -Member
Union Secretary (students Union) -Member
Academic and Admission Committee

Prof. Prasanta Das Chairperson
Prof. Pulin Rajbongshi Convenor
Dr. Santanu Goswami Member
Dr. Bhupesh Bhagawati, Member
Prof. Sailen Gogoi Member
Dr. Swapna Nath Upadhyaya Member
Prof. Nabajyoti Dutta Member
Prof. Satya Ranjan Doley Member
Dr. Joydev Gogoi Member
Prof. Bani Kachari
Dr. Tulika Mattack Member
Dr. Jecob Konwar Member
Prof. Keshabananda Haloi Member
Prof. Luku Morang Member
Prof. Bharati Lalung Member
Dr. Mintu Kr. Das Member
Examination Committees:
Internal Complaints Committee (ICC):
1.Prof. Pulin Rajbongshi
2.Dr.  Swapna Nath
3.Dr. Joydev Gogoi
4.Anita Baruwa (Presiding Officer)
5.Prof. Luku Morang (Hostel Warden)
6.Mr Subroto Roy (Non Teaching Staff Member)
7.Dr. Madhumita Purkayastha (Women Academician)
8.Anju Borkotoky (NGO Representative)
9.Brinda B. Sharma (Counsellor)
10.Dr. Nazrana Ahmed (Legal Advisor)
11.Pranab Jyoti Konwar (Student member)
12.Reshma Khanam (Student member)
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Information and Career Guidance Cell (ICGC)

The College has an ICG Cell which conducts various short term trainings/Coaching that helps students in exploring different career opportunities.
Co-ordinator: Dr. Mintu Kr. Das

Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC)

EO Cell, D.H.S.K Commerce College aims at providing equal opportunity to ST, SC and OBC students to ensure inclusivity within the college. The cell runs in support of UGC and intends to promote learning by addressing educational and employment needs of the students.
Supervisor: Prof. Luku Morang
D.H.S.K. Commerce College
IQAC Committee: 2017-18
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