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Institutional Best Practices

[1] Title of the best practice: National Service Scheme (NSS)


            The NSS is part of our academic, social and personal life as it is the third dimension of education. It allows the students to actively contribute their services for the cause of community and the nation, thus helping them develop their personality. Service and attain the traits of a leader of the nation. As such, the NSS is the right platform, where the student- youth of the nation may get to involve with real life social activities, and thereby become responsible citizen of India.

The Context:

            The NSS unit had started its activities in the beginning of the academic session with the full support of our NSS volunteers under the leadership of programme officer. After looking into the students’ community as a whole we found that many is very interested to involve themselves with some activities that eventually make them happy during their stay in the college and studentship. But in many cases they do not get any platform to do this, but NSS unit of this align the motto of the NSS “NOT ME BUT YOU” and the spirit of the students to do, learn and involve with activities. In this reporting year NSS Unit of the college started new agenda for the college going youths by involving themselves as NSS Volunteers who do not have access to and control over their resources and escorting NSS Volunteers how to work with rural community people, generating awareness about blood donation, hygiene and prevention of various disease like Cancer, AIDS, Malaria, Diarrhoea as epidemic, not to make panic during disasters like earthquake, flood etc. The Unit are also implemented the regular activities and adopted and prepared new activities like special camps in rural areas to develop education among rural poor youth. NSS volunteers conducted a wide range of activities like cleanliness programme, special camp, surveys, observance of important days and awareness campaign.

Evidence of Success:

            It has been observed that the education itself has practical importance in human society. To enjoy a life to-day no man can ignore practical exposure. Even one cannot imagine living a life without practical education. Theoretical knowledge is imperfect to create interest in knowing how the things we believe have been created, how they reach our mind, under what process it is transferred to our real life and the like. The field study help us in all these respects and mere class-room education, conventional examination cannot give oneself perfect knowledge of society as a humanity perspectives. After field study one can learn for becoming self-reliant instead of queuing for job in Govt. Departments etc. Field study creates promoter, pioneer, entrepreneur and these may again make an addition to the national economy too. In this respect NSS activity i.e. regular as well as special is a practical knowledge among the students community through field study that brings new idea for new creativity and innovation and ultimately the higher standard of living which is a measure of developed economy. The ex- NSS volunteers of our College remain in touch with the NSS unit of the College.

Problems encountered and resource required:

            One of the major problems of the NSS is that the goals and objectives of the NSS are numerous and College as well as people have high expectations of the NSS volunteers.

The NSS volunteers are supposed to understand the community around, identify its needs and find solutions for them, acquire skills for mobilising community participation, acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude and come forward to tackle the situations created by emergencies or natural disasters. Thus there is a whole list of tasks which are supposed to be done by the NSS volunteers and their mission is truely daunting.

            At the same time, NSS volunteers do not have all resources at their disposal. They themselves are young boys and girls at colleges and until they get their degrees they have at their disposal a time of three years or so. During this relatively short period of time and within the framework of rules and regulations they have to try hard to realise the numerous goals and objective set before them.

            Further from the viewpoint of the organisers, volunteers or NSS officials at the College level, there is another very serious problem is that of finance. There is always a shortage of resources and one may be pleasantly surprised if the budget of an institution in a particular year is comfortable if not surplus.

[2] Title of the best Practice:  Information and Career Guidance Cell


The basic objectives of this practice are-

  • To provide information on various professional and other courses that can be pursued after their graduation.
  • Conducting short term coaching courses on different competitive exams.
  • To carry out campus recruitment drives for the college students.
  • To prepare and equip students with basic skills to face interviews and other selection mechanisms.

The Context:

The ICGC of our college has actively tried to develop contacts and organise several programmes every year for the benefit of the students of our college. The ICGC has been instrumental in organizing different activities in the college for the benefits of the students’ fraternity i.e. Career Counselling, Different Scholarship Tests, various talk programmes related to career guidance as well as financial awareness etc.

The Practice:

We have listed below some of the activities undertaken by the Cell to give a glimpse of the Practice.

  • Career Counseling program for final semester students.
  • Conducted a Scholarship test with NS Classes for Coaching
  • Financial Awareness Programme & Career opportunities in Financial Market
  • A pre placement talk for Gandhi Fellowship programme (2019-21)
  • Career Enhancement Programs and Global Professional Courses

Evidence of Success:

 In past five years the Cell has organized various functions in association with agencies like Army, Air force, Employment and Craftsmen Training, Govt. Of Assam, IIE, Guwahati, etc. to enhance the skill and capabilities of students and to be employable in the job market. A considerable number of students graduating from the college have successfully performed in competitive examinations and have gone to pursue higher studies in Management and many students have also opted for professional courses like CA, CMA and CS. We often come across recent graduates from the college working in different banks and other public sector organizations.

Problems Encountered:

  • It would be helpful to have a steady flow of funds for running the activities of the Cell.
  • Considerable time has to be spent in contacting Resource Persons and arranging the programmes.
  • Some students are not so keen on attending programmes that are outside their Course Syllabus.