Core Values Of D.H.S.K Commerce College

Core values of an Academic Institution reflect its responsibility towards the issues of National as well as global concern. After completion of the degree, the students become not only a successful person but also a sincere and dutiful citizen of India. One of the important goals of Indian higher education is contributing to National Development. So the core values are indispensable part of Indian academic curriculum. This core value is reflected in different activities in Colleges which exhibit its capacity to adapt to changes; pursue the goals and objectives; and its role in human resource development. The D.H.S.K. Commerce College community is committed to the following set of Core Values.

1. To be loyal, respectful to the constitution of our country.
2. To create, maintain and uphold fraternity among different communities and culture.
3. To impart quality education for development of human resource.
4. To create awareness about environmental degradation.
5. To motivate the students to engage themselves in the corporate life of the institution and contribute whole heartedly for its all-round development.