Welcome to DHSK Commerce College

ডিব্ৰুগড় হনুমানবক্স সূৰজমল কানৈ বাণিজ্য মহাবিদ্যালয়
Dibrugarh Hanumanbux Surajmal Kanoi Commerce College                  New Admission M.Com 2023
(The first full-fledged Commerce College in the North Eastern Region of India

Code Of Conduct  Of D.H.S.K commerce College

The college is a provincialised college and as such, it is liable to follow all the rules and regulations framed by the Govt. of Assam in discharging duties. So, the code and professional ethics for Principal, Teachers and Governing Body are governed by relevant Act, and Provisions of State Govt. issued from time to time. Moreover, the UGC recommended code of ethics is equally applicable for the teachers and Principals drawing UGCs’ scale of pay. 
Of course, the code of conduct for students is usually framed by the college in consideration of the need of the college. 

Code of Conduct for Students 

  •    Students have to maintain strict discipline and good manners both inside and outside the College to keep up the prestige and reputation of the college.

  •  Students have to behave properly with the teaching as well as administrative staff.

  •  Students have to maintain decorum in the classrooms and outside and in the library.

  •  Students have to take proper care of the College property and must not cause any damage to the same.

  •  Students are responsible for their conduct to the Principal. For any act of misconduct or misbehavior a student will have to face the Discipline Committee of the College, the decision of which in such cases is final and binding. Disciplinary action may involve warning and/ or fine, and/ or suspension from classes, from examination or even expulsion from the College.

  •  Ragging in any form in the college is strictly prohibited.

  •  Exercise books will be supplied to the students at concessional rates. For Unit Tests, Tutorials, and Sessional examination, use of such exercise books is compulsory for each student.

  •  Mobile phone must be kept switched off during the class hour. Any violation of this rule will invite penalty.

  •  The college is a no smoking zone. Strict action shall be taken against any student found using abusive substance or having gutka etc.

Code of Conduct for Teachers, Governing Body, Administration including Principal and Supporting Staff: 

1. Code of Professional Ethics lay down by UGC.

2. The Assam Provincialised Colleges and Assam Non-Government College Management Rules.